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ADAMUS is a super premium spiritual drinks brand, born from the know-how of many experience decades of Destilaria Levira. ADAMUS is the word that gives the name to this brand. It is the result of the union between adamas (greek word for diamond) and adamar (synonymous of smooth).

Under the "Sublime Spirit" claim, a will towards the democratization of tradicional drinks, full-bodied and with a strong identity, still appears the will of make these drinks, a usual presence in restaurants, pubs or in your own house.

With a strong identity, and, at the same time, current, ADAMUS presents a different prespective over the universe of spiritual drinks. Since the Gin till the Grape Marc Spirit, ADAMUS introduces news ways to drink it.


There are stories that are born from legends and myths, others from actual facts. This applies to ADAMUS, whose origin dates back to the year 2014 as a result of learning and know-how of different generations of Destilaria Levira.

ADAMUS comes thus on the horizon, as the embodiment of a new brand where coexist values, experiences and techniques.

ADAMUS gemstone that is taking shape in the establishment of distinct and unique flavors and presents itself to the market under the physical shape of the diamond.


Created under the motivation of bringing something new and truly special to the spiritual drinks market, ADAMUS, yearly, produces limited series of Grape Marc Spirit, Very Old Wine Spirit and Gin.

To prevent the exagerated spread out of our nectar, when at the release time, only 4448 bottles of Gin, 2354 examples of the distinguished Grape Marc Spirit (Bairrada DOC certified seal) and 2983 examples of the noble Very Old Wine Spirit were produced.

Through the specials truly appreciators of the finnest spirituals drinks, to the bottle and package design, throught the use of noble materials such as cork, is a fundamental part in ADAMUS work.