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ADAMUS, here referred to as “Seller”, promotes and sells the ADAMUS brand products in website.
The “Buyer” means the individual who acts / buys as end consumer outside the scope of any business or job. If you are not a “final consumer”, please do not make purchases in website.
Seller reserves the right to not process orders registered on the website when there are doubts about the quality of the end user as “Buyer” or when orders do not comply with the general conditions of sale presented here. These general terms and conditions of sale exclusively regulate the offer, acceptance of orders, transmission and submissions made through the site
The “Purchaser” shall provide the “Seller” an e-mail address, postal mail, or other data relating to another form of contact that are correct and complete and may agree that the “Seller” the can contact using such data, if deemed necessary.


To order in is required the user to have an email account and that your browser is up to date and set to accept cookies and pop-ups, to allow the use of all seaworthy Shop online

Make an order in is quite simple:

1 – Choose the product you want to view;
2 – See the product details and price;
3 – Click on “Add to Cart” to add the items to the “Cart”. From that moment, the item will be visible in your “Cart”;
4 – At this point you can still buy adding new products to the “Cart”. When you have selected all the items you want should select “Cart” that is at the top of the page;
5 – To proceed fill in your details and click “Proceed to checkout”;
6 – You can choose to make a purchase using your Login (if you already have registered), to a new record properly registering their data or Buy without registration;
7 – Complete all the fields required;
8 – Select sending method and the desired payment method, and then the “Place order” or “Proceed to Paypal” option;
9 – You will see a summary of your order where you can still change your details, shipping option and payment method;
10 – After confirmation of the data, select the “Place Order” option;
11 – Later will receive an email with the confirmation of the order data which also contains the data for later payment, in case of that.

We suggest that you save the order data for future reference. By confirming the order data you agree to the terms of sale, as well as other conditions in
The “Seller” reserves the right to refuse or cancel the order, even after the automatic confirmation of it, when there is any doubt as to the ultimate consumer quality of the “Buyer”.

The “seller” can not process orders in the following cases:

– When it does not have sufficient guarantee of good recovery;
– Orders are incomplete or incorrect;
– Products already ordered are not available.

In these cases the “Seller” shall give, by email, the reasons for which the sales contract was not made.


The “Seller” reserves the right to cancel any order, even if it has already been confirmed in the following situations, free from liability for any damages or costs:

– The product no longer be available (payments will be returned).
– The billing information is not correct or verifiable.
– The order is signed by our security systems as an incorrect order or a susceptible order fraud.
– The payment is not received within 5 calendar days after acceptance of the order.
– If there are indications that the consumer has the age of 18 years.
– If there are indications that the consumer is not a consumer.
– If detectable than the price stated on the Online Shop is wrong.
– If you can not deliver your order on the appropriate address.